Archipelago Cruise

Husband and I haven’t had a date night sans baby since February when we were visiting my parents. So when we were invited on a cruise of the Helsinki archipelago, I decided it was time. Confining an adventurous, fearless monkey on a boat for two and a half hours did not seem like a good idea. One of Husband’s co-workers graciously agreed to watch Little Man, so off we went to the harbour for a nice evening with friends.

The cruise departed right behind the market hall, and we easily found the ship. The whole thing was arranged by a friends husband. For her birthday, my friend had one request: get her on a boat. The friends who joined were a nice surprise. We set sail at 18.00, smoothly maneuvering into the bay.

The weather was perfect, if a bit on the warm side. It was 21°C (~72°F), but felt a little cooler on the water, as is to be expected. I knew Helsinki had an archipelago, but knowing and seeing can feel entirely different. About three years ago, Husband and I went on a cruise around the Stockholm archipelago. This was similar, but both sets of islands are unique unto themselves.

Helsinki’s archipelago is much more spread out. It was fun to spot the cabins on the islands, and the other water lovers on various boats.

We stayed on the top deck for the duration of the cruise. There’s an option to have dinner on board, and a separate indoor cabin, along with a bar, but I think we all (7 in total) enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful sights. We also proved that everyone on boats waves if you wave to them. Clearly, it’s an international rule of the water.

To celebrate the birthday girl, we toasted with two bottles of cava, a sparkling wine from Spain. It was delightfully light and bubbly, the perfect beverage for such an outing. 

The sun started to set (remarkable!) as we made our way back to the dock. 

We had traveled in a circle so it was a bit of a surprise to find that the ride was coming to an end.

But even the approach was beautiful.

Notice that it still wasn’t dark when we docked. Sunset is now before 22.00, but dusk didn’t hit until after we arrived home, about 21.00. 

It was a wonderful evening with incredible views. If you get the chance, and enjoy boats, I highly recommend going on an archipelago tour. There are many options to choose from and it’s well worth the time and money. As we didn’t have dinner this time around, I can’t speak for the onboard meal, but the dinner on the Stockholm cruise was exceptional. I can imagine that Finns take just as much pride in showcasing their food as Swedes do. I have yet to have a bad meal in Finland in any case.


2 thoughts on “Archipelago Cruise

  1. Lovely. I am glad that You made a cruise. It was a great joy to see your beautiful photos. We love cruises and try to make them when possible. Couple of weeks ago we climbed to highest point in Laajasalo (south of Herttoniemi) and admired cruise ships in front of Helsinki.

    If You read this today, then take a look at my post, because there is something which is surely unknown to You. Thank You.

    Have a great start of new week.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. It was difficult to take a bad one as the scenery is so beautiful.
      I haven’t been to Laajasalo. Perhaps I’ll try hiking around there this weekend. I bet the views are stunning from the high point!


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