Roaming around Riga

Our second day in Riga started delightfully late, seeing as Little Man slept in until 7:30. (Yep, that’s late.) We enjoyed breakfast in the hotel, then wound our way to the central market. Oh my goodness, it was HUGE. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as there are market halls in Helsinki, and we visited a similar style market in Tallinn. This surpassed them both. The majority of stalls were outside, with people selling everything from fruits and vegetables, to amber jewelry, flowers, and a variety of clothing.

I love how organized they are! Strawberries and cherries were prevalent; the air was full of the sweet smell of fresh fruit. And the flowers! They were so colorful!

There were also five indoor market halls, containing pastries, meat, more vegetables, and fish. 

It was interesting to see entire pigs hung up and ready to be sold. We wandered around most of the market, and it seemed like it went on and on. We kept finding new things! 

All that wandering made us hungry, so we went to Kid for a brunch buffet. It was highly rated, but despite the name, not super kid friendly. It is, however, always enjoyable to see what types of food different counties provide in buffets. I don’t know what most of it was, other than delicious. Included in the price are certain items from the kitchen. I ordered the potato pancake with bacon. It was a very thin, crispy pancake, with a pile of bacon on one side, and baby spinach sprinkled over the whole thing. I think that’s my new favorite way to eat spinach.

Having learned from the day before that the little one wasn’t napping well in his pram, we went back to the hotel for an afternoon siesta. It was quite refreshing.

Upon waking up, young sir, who is clearly working on producing some more teeth, decided that my phone should be sacrificed to the cause. Suffice it to say that we spent a couple hours researching phones and where to buy them in Riga. After purchasing my shiny new phone, we continued venturing around. We visited a couple cemeteries, located in beautiful parks, and took a tram back to old town.

For dinner, we went to Lido. It’s a chain that we visited in Tallinn because my in-laws had discovered it when they were in Riga. The closest thing I can compare it to in the States is Sweet Tomatoes, except it’s not all you can eat. You go through the buffet area and fill your plate(s) before going to the cash register. It’s quite good, especially if you like trying new foods without necessarily knowing what you’re getting. 

Some riverside wandering through picturesque parks, and our second day in Riga drew to a close. 


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