The weekends are for exploring. It’s when we, as a family, can get out and discover everything Helsinki has to offer. One of those things is sushi burritos. That’s right. Sushi. Burritos. Soma is a tiny restaurant in the Punavuori neighborhood. It’s on one of those particularly European streets, where the shop entrances are either a few steps up or a few steps down. It’s not uncommon to see strollers parked outside on the sidewalk. (Yes, that actually happens!)

You better believe that as soon as I discovered such a thing as sushi burritos existed, I was adamant that I try them. So, to Punavuori we schlepped, twelve blocks from the metro station, navigating the narrow but crowded sidewalk. And there it was.


Happiness. We couldn’t get the stroller up the narrow steps, and of course, the menu on the window was all in Finnish, so Husband suggested he wait outside with Little Man while I go in and order, “Whatever sounds good.” Keeping in mind, I heard that he wanted a salad AND a burrito. (You can get any of the menu items as a burrito, salad, or XL salad.) I figured that if he was getting two things, I should as well. Besides, I wanted to try everything!

Somehow, the term “burrito” did not compute in my brain next to “sushi”. These are not hand rolls, people. They’re freaking burritos made out of ingredients commonly used for sushi. We’re talking Qdoba-sized burritos. Ie, HUGE.


57€ later, I emerged triumphant. That’s when Husband informed me that he ONLY wanted a salad, leaving me with three, crazy huge burritos. Crazy huge, and crazy delicious. I managed to stretch them into four different meals. (Apparently even I have a limit to how much sushi I can eat at a time.)


Oh, but they were good! Definitely worth the trek, and I highly recommend Soma to anyone visiting Helsinki; as long as they also like sushi.

Conveniently, there’s a tram stop pretty much at the door, so we hopped on that back to the metro in Kamppi. The tram is positively delightful, and as it’s all above ground, offers a much better view of the city than the metro. However, it’s also much slower, as it has to deal with traffic, and as Little Man was starting to get fussy, we opted for the quicker route.

I hear there is also a milkshake bar near Soma, and can’t wait to try that. A friend and former coworker is visiting this coming weekend, so I think it’ll be a joint adventure. If nothing else, I can pretty much guarantee some crazy/fun pictures.


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